June 19, 2021
Google AdSense two-step verification process

Google Changes its AdSense Application Process

A new Google AdSense two-step verification process require additional documentation to monetize any new website with the program…

Google has announced it’s changing the way new sites can apply to earn money on new websites through its AdSense program. For those unfamiliar, Google AdSense is tool which serves automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements. These advertisements are targeted, using cookies, history, and more.

Previously, getting an AdSense account was a simple process. But now, the search engine is changing how new sites can join in the program:

“Before you can show ads on a new site, you now have to add the site to your AdSense account. Each new site will go through a verification process which checks that you own the domain or have the ability to modify its content. The process also reviews your site for compliance with the AdSense Program policies. After the checks are completed, your site will be marked as “Ready” and you can start showing ads.”

For new sites to run AdSense, there’s now a two-step verification process.

New Google AdSense Two-Step Verification Process Announced

The two-step process includes domain ownership verification and a review for compliance with the Google AdSense policies.

After this is done, approved sites receive a message, telling applicants their sites are “Ready.” However, sites which are not approved will receive a “Needs attention” message.

Additionally, Google is renaming the My Sites tab and making a change to the menu:

“We’re also renaming the My Sites tab to Sites and moving it further up the menu to make it easier to find. Any existing sites you’re monetizing should automatically appear in your sites list, accessed by clicking the new Sites tab.”

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