September 15, 2022
Google AMP testing tool

New Google AMP Testing Tool now Live

A new Google AMP testing tool is now available for use, giving webmasters, SEOs, and marketers content live previews with important page data…

Google just released a new page preview and data tool for accelerated mobile pages or AMP. The search console tool provides structured data errors, allowing webmasters, SEOs, marketers, and more to know how pages will perform in organic search results.

New Google AMP Testing Tool Launches to Provide Page Data, Live Previews

The new Google AMP testing tool works on desktops and mobile devices. On mobile, the tool employs Google’s proprietary “live web-search infrastructure” to crawl and analyze an accelerated mobile page using the real Googlebot. This means the test runs in real-time and also tests AMP markup validity, as well as page structured data. 

The tool resides inside the Google Webmaster Search Console and is also available at By entering a valid accelerated mobile page address (complete with an AMP extension), the tools provides a page preview, with other data insight.

Google AMP testing tool screenshot

In addition to the validation and structured data analysis, there is also a live preview option, showing how the page might appear within Google’s organic search results.  Google-AMP-testing-tool-preview-screenshot

The tool marks all page issues and users can click on these for more details. The tool also highlights errant lines in the source-code, pointing users to its exact location. The live preview even provides a sharing button, located in the lower right hand corner of the viewing screen on desktop.

In late September, accelerated mobile pages first appeared in Google organic search results. The company officially integrated AMP listings into mobile results on February 24, 2016. In related news, a recent Searchmetrics study revealed Google returning fewer organic SERP listings on page one.

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