October 1, 2022
New Google Android Assistant Memory Feature Under Development

Google is Working on a New ‘Memory’ Feature that would Turn Assistant into an Android Organizer

Google is developing a new feature for Assistant on Android called “Memory” that would provide people with a super-powered digital organizer…

Google is apparently working on a new tool for Assistant on Android. According to a recent APK examination by 9to5Google, it would create a handy organizer to save screen content, images, reminders, ideas and more in one place, then find it again through a smart search function. If the tool materializes, it would put a number of things right into one easy-to-access place for on-the-fly retrieval. 

New Google Android Assistant “Memory” Feature Under Development

Android owners could store items in Memory through a verbal Google Assistant command. Or, save items with a home screen shortcut. Savable items include: articles, books, contacts, events, flights, hotels, images, movies, music, notes, photos, places, playlists, products, recipes, reminders, restaurants, screenshots, shipments, TV shows, videos, and websites. Plus, it would also save screenshots, URLs, along with location, and other information in context.

Once an item is saved, it’s possible to access it quickly within a Memory feed located next to the current Snapshot menu. Saved items will display in reverse chronological order inside cards labeled “Older Memories” and “Today.” What’s more, certain Google Drive items, such as Docs or Sheets, will offer previews within the cards. Additionally, the app will offer action suggestions, like “Search flight status,” “Watch Trailer,” “Cooking Time,” “Track Shipment” and more.

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