August 9, 2022
Google App carousel

New Google App Carousel and Cards Appear on Native App

A new Google app carousel appears on version 6.13.25, containing four icons for weather, restaurants, attractions, and “I’m feeling curious” search option…

It appear Google is testing or rolling out a new Google App carousel, which pops-up on version 6.13.25. The carousel appears just below the type and voice search bar on the native, proprietary app by the search giant.

New Google App Carousel Spotted in Latest Version

The new Google App carousel contains four icons: weather, restaurants, attractions, and “I’m feeling curious.” Additionally, the weather card sports more robust information, as pictured in the screenshot below:

Google App carousel

Currently, it’s unclear to how many users see the update and what regions have availability. The dual-tab is still affixed to the bottom of the app, bisecting cards from “Upcoming” events. Tapping on the right arrow reveals the following:

Google App new All section

Six cards appear on another screen under “All.” The cards are: Nearby, Tools, Fun, Weather, Travel, and My Stuff. Under nearby, options for directions to home, directions to work, nearby restaurants, and ATMs appear. Tools include Translaate, coin flip, roll a die, and level tool. The Fun card contains animal sounds, barrel roll, I’m feeling curious, and Tic-Tac-Toe.

The Weather card contains weather, sunrise, and sunset. The Travel card contains attractions, book a flight, book a hotel, and vacation destinations. While the My Stuff card contains My emails, My events, My flights, and My hotels. All cards have a “More” option, which when tapped, expands the card to reveal more features (as pictured in the screenshot below):

Google App new All section expanded

Google is notorious for experimenting with features, both in its native apps and search tools. Recently, Nick Fox, VP of Communications Products at Google, revealed an Allo chat app desktop version is under development.

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