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New Google App Feed UI Sports Rounded Cards, More Buttons

new Google app feed UI

Credit: Google

A new Google app feed UI emerges, complete with rounded cards, new navigation buttons, and a somewhat better user experience…

Recent speculation centered around APK teardowns predicted a redesign of the Google App. Now, the latest iteration confirms such conjecture. Google is now rolling out a new Google app feed UI, with notable differences from its predecessor.

New Google App Feed UI includes Rounded Cards, New Navigation Buttons

Version 7.15 sports rounded feed cards, moves the hamburger menu from the top left to the bottom right, and a search option. For comparison, here are the two versions side by side:

Credit: Google / Android Authority

The home button is now solid, with a new “upcoming” button, and there’s now a search button. (At this time, it’s unclear what the fourth bottom button does but it might launch an account switcher.)

Although some users report seeing the new Google app feed UI design, it’s not yet available to all. Likely, this is a server-side switch because some users report having seen it for weeks.

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