October 15, 2021
Google app Top Apps

Google just Jumbled Up its App with this Experimental Server-Side Switch — Take a Look

A new Google app Top Apps section rolls out to the mobile experience, in an apparent server-side switch, bringing a plethora of choices…

The Google app, formerly Google Now, and also known as the Google Feed, is seemingly rolling out an experimental experience to some users. Along with the name changes have come a number of revamps to the UI or user interface.

Recently, the Google app began testing a handy More/Less granular control option. In June, topic pages started appearing in the mobile app. It even inserted ads in the feed back in May. Now, the company is switching things up again with a new remake.

New Google App ‘Top Apps’ User Interface Testing Spotted

A recent teardown reveals a new section situated between the Recent and Saved tabs. It’s labeled “Top Apps,” according to several users who are seeing it. The option replaces Recent with Top Apps. And, it surfaces a whole host of choices:

Google app Top Apps UI
Credit: Android Police / Google

Rather than the former option, which displayed recent activity, it instead surfaces numerous apps. Tapping on one of the apps either launches if it’s already installed on the device. If not, the Play Store immediately opens to install it. Long-pressing an app adds it to favorites, which resides at the top of the page.

The change-up is now appearing for users in Poland and India, with at least one person confirming running the beta version. However, most users aren’t seeing the new experience, strongly suggesting this is merely a server-side switch test.

It’s important to note, not all experimental features make it to stable, wide release. So, Google might or it might not, roll the different interface out to all. See more screenshots at Android Police.