July 3, 2022
Google Assistant Read It feature reads webpages aloud in 42 different languages

Google Debuts ‘Read It,’ a New Google Assistant Feature that Reads Webpages Out Loud in 42 Languages

Google has revealed a preview of a new Google Assistant tool called ‘Read It’ at CES 2020, that can read webpages aloud in more than forty languages…

Google unveiled a preview of a new and more advanced screen reader tool for Android devices. It works through the Google Assistant and promises to make content more accessible.

New Google Assistant ‘Read It’ can Read Webpages Aloud in 42 Languages

Google is giving its Google Assistant a new feature that allows it to read aloud any page in forty-plus languages. All that’s necessary is to simply speak the command, “Hey Google, read this” or “Hey Google, read this page” and it ostensibly finds the main text on a page or article and then reads it out loud using the Google Assistant.

Although screen readers are definitely not new, Google states this one is far more superior, boasting a natural sounding voice. 

The company explains its’ using a combination of technologies, including translation, text-to-speech, neural learning, along with others. It’s supported on mobile devices running Android version 5 and above and will be available latter this year.

Google hasn’t set a date-specific release as of yet, so it’s unsure exactly when consumers can expect to access the tool.

Watch a short explainer video of the new feature in-action:

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