November 7, 2022
new Google Assistant Snapshot customization option

Google is Apparently Ready to Give Users More Customization Options in Assistant’s Snapshot

Google Assistant’s Snapshot section might soon let users take a bit more control of its content, with a new server-side change…

For years now, Google has been adding (and tweaking) Google Now’s functionality into Google Assistant. Over that period of time, its feed of relevant, contextual cards has gone through many names. But, regardless of its namesake, the lone consistency has been that users can’t customize one single aspect of it. Now, that’s seemingly changing, courtesy of a new server-side update.

New Google Assistant Snapshot Customization Option Showing Up

Some users are seeing a new option through a pop up notification that reads “Customize content in Snapshot.” It contains a direct link to Settings, where people can either opt in or out of certain types of cards, a little more than twenty of them. These include, but are not limited to: commute times, weather conditions, reminders, restaurant reservations, travel tips and help, recipes, and more.

This is obviously one of the most needed improvements to Snapshot, because until now, there was no means of customization and users couldn’t even dismiss cards or minimize them. But, with the update, users can enjoy more control. When available, it can be accessed through Assistant’s settings > Assistant > Snapshot.

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