September 18, 2022
Google blobmoji

Google Resurrects Blobs for Gboard and Android Messages as a Sticker Pack for World Emoji Day

Google blobemoji are back, just in time for World Emoji day, as a new sticker pack rolled out for Gboard and Android Messages…

World Emoji Day is upon us and to celebrate, Google has released a new sticker pack which revives its signature animations — blobs. On this day last year, the search giant killed off its blobemoji, with a weird farewell. It was a confusing and strange move which puzzled fans.

On World Emoji Day, we’re taking the time to bid farewell to our old Android emoji, known fondly by fans as ‘blobs.’ We’re rolling out a new set of emoji as part of Android O. They’re squishy and lovable—and designed for more consistent communication. Breaking up is hard to do, but we’ll find love in a blobless place.”

Although bid adieu to blobemoji, they’ve since reappeared only to disappear again. Today, the company released a new sticker pack for Gboard called “The blobs live on.” And, it contains the old favorites, along with a few new additions.

New Google Blobemoji Sticker Pack goes Live

The new Google blobemoji sticker pack isn’t technically the only place where these strange creatures live. They can still be found in Allo but that project is currently on indefinite hold. 

Google blobemoji.0

Google killed of its signature emoji last year in-order to adopt a more standardized experience going into Android 8.0 or Oreo. The company also removed them from Google Hangouts earlier this summer. It’s unclear with this release what’s in-store for the Google blobemoji next, if anything.