October 22, 2021
Google Calendar propose new time

Google just Introduced “Propose a New Time” in Calendar for the Web

Google announces Google Calendar “Propose new time” option is now live for desktop and will soon come to Android for mobile…

Google continues to make small improvements to its many products inside of G Suite. The company has announced it added a new feature in Google Calendar for the web called “Propose a new time.”

New Google Calendar ‘Propose New Time’ Feature Now Live on the Web

The new Google Calendar “Propose a new time,” is another helpful way to make the platform more useful. Google writes on G Suite Updates blog:

“Rescheduling in Google Calendar just got easier. We’re introducing a new feature that enables more efficient meeting scheduling. Now, each guest invited to a meeting can propose a new time and the organizer can easily review and accept time proposals. This allows for richer communication between attendees, reduces time spent on meeting practicalities, and makes meetings more productive with key stakeholders in attendance.” 

Now, when someone creates an event, invited users can respond “Yes,” “No,” “Maybe,” as well as “Propose a new time.” The event creator must set access permissions for invitees to view other attendees’ availability. Doing so allows them to view side-by-side details, giving them more information to suggest a time that’s workable. Additionally, Guests can also send a message when suggesting a new time. And, the organizer can easily accept the proposal with one click.

The new feature works across domains, along with Microsoft Exchange. It’s live now on the web and will arrive on mobile August 13th.