June 18, 2021
new Google calendar UI

New Google Calendar UI Rolling Out for Desktops

A new Google calendar UI is coming to desktop, taking many elements from the mobile application, complete with added features…

The Google calendar UI is undergoing big changes. And, it takes several cues from the popular mobile app. Sporting a modern color palette and a sleek design, the new Google desktop calendar is a welcome refresh packed with plenty of features.

New Google Calendar UI Desktop Goes from Mobile to the Web

Google states its learned from feedback on how to best enhance UX or user experience. Within the new Google calendar UI, people can set and view meeting room details.

new Google calendar UI meeting room details
Credit: Google

Also, they can add rich formatting, along with hyperlinks to calendar invites.

new Google calendar UI links
Credit: Google

Additionally, users can now manage multiple calendars side-by-side in “Day” view.

new Google calendar UI day view
Credit: Google

Furthermore, users can view meeting participants’ contact information when hovering over their names. What’s more, there’s a new way to view and restore deleted items for accidental deletions. The new Google calendar UI also boasts more easily accessible “Day,” “Week,” and “Month” views.

The changes will begin to roll out starting on November 14th. However, there is a manual option for enabling the new interface. Simply sign into a G Suite account, go to Apps > G Suite > Calendar > New Calendar.

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