November 6, 2022
Google call-to-action video ad extension

Google Introduces a New Video Ad Call-to-Action Extension to Replace YouTube Overlays Scheduled to Sunset Next Year

A new Google call-to-action video ad extension will replace YouTube overlays, which will no longer be available next year…

Google will end support for YouTube call-to-action overlays in January 2019. Now, a replacement comes to help marketers fill the upcoming void. 

New Google Call-to-Action Video Ad Extension Announced

A new CTA or call-to-action extension, will work with TrueView in-stream ads. Additionally, Bumper ads and TrueView video discovery will join in, as well.

These work a bit differently. Advertisers can use the extension to drive awareness or to garner consideration, instead of clicks and conversions.

However, Google does remind brands using TrueView for action ads remain the best vehicle for increasing clicks and conversions on websites. Google did not offer much beyond this information.

But, will probably elaborate when the new tools roll out in January.

In related news, YouTube recently announced it will end support for annotations next year. YouTube already pulled the plug on the annotations editor in May of last year. Soon, any existing annotations will follow.

(For those unfamiliar with the terms, these are those rather annoying boxes which show-up over the top of videos during playback. Now, it’s fully removing support for the feature come January of next year.)

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