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Google is Bringing those Big Red Wide Warning Banners in Gmail to Google Messages

New Google Chat phishing and malware warnings coming to mobile devices

Credit: Google

Google is adding those familiar Gmail phishing and malware warning banners to Google Messages to keep users safe from nefarious schemes…

Google first introduced warning banners guarding against suspicious elements in Gmail a couple of years ago. They alert users to possible malicious links, flagged as possible phishing scams or malware campaigns. Now, the search giant is rolling the same warning labels out to mobile devices via the Google Messages chat app. The bright red banners will tell users when a conversation is suspicious.

New Google Chat Phishing and Malware Warnings Coming to Mobile Devices

Once available after its tentative fifteen-day rollout, any new message deemed potentially dangerous will display a wide red warning banner with a stern “This invite is suspicious” alert. Google gives users the option to “Accept anyway” or “Block” the conversation but warns, “This conversation contains links to known phishing sites that may try to steal your information.”

Google already offers these warnings in Gmail and Drive, and recently, expanded them to Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. Now, they’re coming to Google Chat. The company wrote on its official workspace update site:

“In Google Chat, you’ll see banners warning against potential phishing and malware messages coming from users with personal Google Accounts. These warning banners, which are already available in Gmail and Google Drive, help protect users against malicious actors, keeping data safe.”

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