December 9, 2021
New Google Chrome Extension gives Users Detailed Website Ad Information

Google has a New Chrome Extension that Tells Users All about the Ads on Websites they Visit

Google has released a new extension for Chrome that tells users important information about the ads they see on websites…

Ads are an inescapable part of the internet. This is why ad-blockers are so popular. And, why Google took action against “intrusive interstitials” or pop-up ads. It’s also why the search engine forbids certain types of overlays and banners. But, for those which don’t ruin users’ experiences, there usually isn’t much independent information. So, Google has launched a new Chrome extension that gives its users data about ads they see on websites.

New Google Chrome Extension gives Users Detailed Website Ad Information

Internet ads do more that just highlight a product or service. They also track people around the web, and it more ways that most consumers realize. That’s where Google’s new Ads Transparency Spotlight Chrome extension comes into play. The software plugin shows how many ads appear on any given page, how many platforms they’re served by, and a list of entities with a presence on the page.

The new extension has its limitations, though. It only works with ads that have been purchased through Google Ads. And, only those which have also implemented by the Ad Disclosure Schema. Nevertheless, it provides a little more information about the many purposes of ads, beyond selling products and services.

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