November 5, 2022
Google Chrome pause play

Google is about to Silence Noisy Tabs in Chrome, without having to Chase Down the Culprit

Google is working on a solution for silencing tabs playing media in Chrome, but it’s still in the early developmental stage…

It’s happened to just about everyone. While searching the web or working on something, a rogue tab begins blasting music or rolls a video. Then, the hunt starts, trying to pinpoint the offending tab. But, that might become a thing of the past, thanks to a new feature Google is working on for Chrome.

New Google Chrome Pause-Play Feature under Development

Google is in the process with experimenting with a new pause-play button for Chrome. Best of all, it’s easily accessible, which means users won’t have to go through every open tab to use it.

To try it out, first ensure the latest version of Chrome is installed. Then, do the following to put the new Google Chrome pause-play button: 

  1. Search “chrome://flags/” in the ominbox or address bar.
  2. Click “Ctrl + F” and search for “Global Media Controls.”
  3. Select “Enable.”
  4. Click “Relaunch Now.”

Allow Chrome to shut down and reload, then look for a play button inside the toolbar — it should stop and start audio when clicked. (It also includes fast-forward and rewind buttons, as well.)

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