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Google’s Latest Update to Chrome will Kill Off the Most Annoying Pop-Ups with Machine Learning

New Google Chrome Update Uses Machine Learning to Block Annoying Pop Ups

Credit: Malwarebytes

Google is building a new tool into its Chrome browser that uses machine learning to determine when to show pop-ups and notifications…

Google is about to introduce a new way of dealing with one of the web’s biggest and most widespread annoyances. An upcoming version of Chrome will be equipped with a machine learning model that will examine web pages. More particularly, how those pages interact with consumers. While the content loads, the ML tool checks permissions for notifications, pop-ups, and other prompts.

TitleNew Google Chrome Update Uses Machine Learning to Block Annoying Pop-Ups

Google is attempting to make the web a more resourceful and useful place by limiting those annoying pop-ups. Chrome will examine permissions and if none are present and/or the site has already been reported to be a nuisance or runs malicious code, the browser will automatically block any notifications or pop-ups. If this sounds familiar, Google has done this before in a number of ways and to different extents. However, this won’t apply to every pop-up or notification, Google explains:

“On the one hand, page notifications help deliver updates from sites you care about; on the other hand, notification permission prompts can become a nuisance. Our goal is to build a browser that’s genuinely and continuously helpful, and we’re excited about the possibilities that ML provides.”

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