April 30, 2021
Google direct SERP GIF sharing

Google just Made it Possible to Share GIFs Directly from Search

Google has finally made it possible to easily share GIF animations right from its search page via Android or iOS mobile device…

GIFs are designed specifically with the intent of sharing. These animations help people express themselves with others. But, how they’re shared is generally reserved for social media.

Now, Google is changing that, giving people the ability to share GIFs directly from the SERP or search engine results page.

New Google Direct SERP GIF Sharing Option now Available

People can now search out GIFs under Images in Google search and then hit the share button. It works with Gmail, Hangouts, Android Messages, and WhatsApp.

Google pulls the animations from its content partners. So, there ought to be plenty of choices since said partners include streaming services, movie studios, YouTube, and more. Additionally, any GIF creator can contribute, offering a wider selection.

Shareable GIFs are already live through the Google mobile app or Chrome for Android, on both Android and iOS devices.

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