June 18, 2021
new Google Duo On Duo often

Google Duo Now Shows Users which of Their Contacts are On the Video Chat App Most

Google Duo now lets its users know which of their contacts is on the video chat app most often with a simple label…

Google released its video chat app, Duo more than 3 years ago. The company later added voice-only calls in March of 2018, followed by video and voice messages thereafter.

In May of this year, it gained support to host as many as eight participants. Now, it’s gotten a new feature, which lets users know which of their contacts most often uses the service.

New Google Duo ‘On Duo Often’ Feature Debuts

The feature is a label, applied to contacts called “on Duo often.” It’s a small change, but one that’s lets users know who’s most likely to engage in video and voice calls. However, it’s not the same as the familiar activity icons which show who is currently on the service.

Another small but noteworthy change is a “Calling as [phone-number]” label. It’s there to remind users their phone numbers are visible to anyone people call.

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