September 23, 2021
new Google Feed topic pages

The Google Feed is Now Displaying New Topic Pages

New Google Feed topic pages are now displaying on the mobile app, the result of a server-side switch from the search company…

Recently, the Google app or Google Feed has undergone a few changes. For instance, in April, the company removed voice search and replaced it with Google Assistant. Now, it’s undergone another change. This time, it’s how it displays topics in the feed. Spotted by 9to5Google, the app behaves a bit differently for its topics.

New Google Feed Topic Pages Surfacing in a Server-Side Switch

Google designates the topic of every article it surfaces in the feed at the top left with an image. Since its launch, users can simply tap on the designed image to perform a regular Google search. But now, there’s a right facing chevron or arrow accompanying the badge. 

As users scroll down, an app bar containing the topic name remains visible. There is also an overflow menu located in the top right corner for user feedback. This new feature displays more topic-related articles in a more organized manner. Meanwhile, tapping on the topic image initiates a search for that particular query.

It’s now working on versions going back to the 8.1 iteration and is visible in the 8.6 beta, along with 8.5 stable. As usual, Google might fully adopt or kill off the option. But for now, it provides an interesting and useful function.

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