October 23, 2021
Google Gboard Emoji Kitchen

Gboard Now lets Users Mash Two Emoji Characters into One to Create New Animations

Google has introduced a new Emoji Kitchen for its Gboard app that allows people to blend two characters together to create a new animation…

Just about everyone has their favorite, go-to emoji. These could be anything and might even be completely unrelated to one another. But, the problem with this is it gets people into sending the same ones, time and time again. So, Google has a creative solution — allowing users to fuse two into one.

New Google Gboard Emoji Kitchen Allows Users Two Combine to Characters Together

Google has released a new Gboard Emoji Kitchen suite. It’s a relatively simple concept — mixing two animations into a new character. The new option gives users a bit more creative control and practically endless possibilities.

Google even provided Gboard users with a GIF to show it in-action. In this example, the sender writes, “Good luck with the presentation today, you’re gonna do great!” Recipient Meghan replies, with a thanks, emoji, and “Love you!”

The sender then replies with an amalgamation of the geeky glasses and kiss emoji.

Gboard-Emoji-Kitchen in action
Credit: Google


The new  Gboard Emoji Kitchen is currently rolling out to Android and will follow on iOS soon.

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