September 17, 2022
Google Guetzli

New Google Guetzli JPEG Optimizer Reduces Images by 35%

The Google Guetzli software JPEG file size reducer compresses images by as much as 35 percent for faster page load time without compromising quality…

The new Google Guetzli software shrink ray is an optimization tool for JPEG images developed by the search giant. Google recently conducted a detailed comparative study between websites in 2010 and now. At the beginning of the decade, the average web page was quite small — approximately 700 kilobytes. In today’s internet environment, web pages are substantially larger, with estimates of about 2,3000 kilobytes.

New Google Guetzli JPEG Optimizer Shrinks Website Images by 35 Percent

With the introduction of AMP or accelerated mobile pages, sites take a fraction of time to load, compared to just seven years ago. But the search giant believes it can improve user experience or UX by cutting down JPEG image file sizes. In 2010, Google introduced WebP, a new image file format that outperforms JPEG compress. However, that format remains yet to gain wide adoption.

Most websites today still primarily use JPEG, GIFs, and PNG files. But with the Google Guetzli software, JPEG files can now be reduced by up to 35 percent. And, using the tool will not degrade its quality, the search engine states.

Although end users might not see much of a difference, but for a search engine which processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average or 3.5 billion per day, that’s a super large data saver. So, if a web page includes 400 kilobytes of JPEG images, that translates into a suppression of 140KB. This certainly isn’t much, but applied to the number of queries Google handles per day, it’s absolutely enormous.

Google just rolled out Chrome 57 last week to Windows, Linux, and Mac and Android Chrome 57 is coming to the Play Store. The latest browser iteration also makes speed improvements.

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