December 9, 2021
new google homepage links

New Google Homepage Links Appear Suddenly

Two new Google homepage links now reside in the top left corner of the screen, “About Us” and “Store” giving searchers quick access to news and products…

Two new Google homepage links now occupy a very small area. First spotted by Android Police, the links probably debuted on October 4th, to coincide with its new product launch. 

New Google Homepage Links Added

Google rarely makes any changes to its homepage, with the exception of the Google Doodle. It’s spartan page encourages users to focus on search, unlike the web portals and search engines of old. Think back to the likes of AOL and the Google homepage looks comparatively empty.

In fact, the search engine had to insert a copyright logo at the bottom of the page years ago, not long after it went live. This addition was in reaction to high bounce rates. Searchers simply were not accustomed to its minimalistic layout. Now, the search engine’s homepage includes two new links. “About Us” and “Store” links now live at the top left, above the search bar and right below the browser bar or address bar:

new google homepage links

The status quo Gmail, Images, Google Apps, Notification, and Account all remain in the upper right corner. Clicking or tapping on the About Us link launches a selection of stories and blog posts. While the Store link directs to its e-commerce shop.

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