August 5, 2022
New Google Lens Copy and Paste and Pronunciation Tools Debut

Google Lens Now Supports Copy and Paste and Helps Users Pronounce Translated Words

Google has added a couple of nifty features to Google Lens — copy and paste, as well as pronunciation tools — to give it more functionality…

For those who already use Google Lens, they know it to be a very useful resource. It’s particularly helpful in identifying an unfamiliar plant or animal. It also identifies pieces of art, along with a number of other things, like landmarks. Now, it’s going to be even more helpful, with the addition of two key features.

New Google Lens Copy and Paste and Pronunciation Tools Debut

Google Lens now supports a copy/paste option that allows users to save text from paper documents to their mobile devices or desktop machines. Simply tap on “copy to computer” and then effortlessly paste the captured text onto another device that’s signed into Chrome under the same user account.

Google Lens also has offered the ability to translate words into other languages (particularly helpful in reading signs in foreign languages). Now, it will help users pronounce words, as well. Select the text and tap on “listen.” Additionally, it provides more details on unknown words and phrases. So, people who read about bears and come across the phrase “carnivore lethargy” can learn what it means.

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