October 19, 2020
New Google Lens Explore Dishes Feature Starts Appearing in Maps Restaurant Listings

Google Lens Now Helps Diners Order the Right Meal through Restaurant Menus in Google Maps

Google has quietly slipped a helpful new Google Lens feature into Google Maps restaurant menu pages, called “Explore dishes”…

Last year at Google’s 2019 I/O event, the company revealed a new trick for Google Lens. It allows people point their cameras at a physical restaurant menu to get dish recommendations and reviews, powered by Google Maps. Now, the option is beginning to show up for some users.

New Google Lens Explore Dishes Feature Starts Appearing in Google Maps Restaurant Listings

Google has started to implement its newest tool, called “Explore dishes.” For those with access, it shows up in Google Maps. To see if it’s live and active, simply open the Google Maps mobile app and then go into the Menu tab on any restaurant listing. If available, a new Explore dishes bubble will appear, accompanied by the Google Lens logo.

As always, Google Lens is helpful in that it can scan and translate restaurant menus in foreign languages. Also, having customer reviews right there on-the-spot is a great way to help people decide what meals to order.

While it’s only appearing to a limited group of users, the new feature should be working its way out to everyone with Google Maps/Google Lens.

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