December 1, 2020
new Google Lens features

Android Users can Now Enjoy New Google Lens Features

New Google Lens features arrive today on Android devices, including Style Match and Smart Text Selection, through Google Assistant…

Google made a number of announcements at its 2018 I/O conference. Among them, were the phone-calling assistant Duplex, which easily passes for human. And, camera-based navigation for Maps. Now, these new tools are beginning to roll out. Meanwhile, some have come in the form of Lens updates. For those unfamiliar, Google Lens is a tool which provides “real-time answers to questions about the world around you.”

New Google Lens Features Arrive on Android

The first to go live are Style Match and Smart Text Selection. Style Match is a feature which allows users to scan items in their surroundings to locate other objects with similar aesthetics. While Smart Text Selection detects foreign language words in order to translate them. Moreover, users can copy and paste text from real-world objects, such as books or flyers.

What’s more, Google states that while only devices with the latest version of Lens already have the new features, these will also come to Google Photos, soon. These are terrifically fascinating new tools and are now available on all compatible Android devices.

Google further states iOS devices will also get these new functions. For the latest version of Google Assistant, users can download it from the Play Store.

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