January 18, 2022
New Google Maps Community Recommendations Now Rolling Out Worldwide

Google Maps is Introducing a New Feature to Help Users Find their New Favorite Spots

Google Maps is borrowing a trick from Facebook that will help make the navigation app more informative and useful in finding new spots…

Last year, Google began testing a new feature that allows people to follow certain Local Guides on Google Maps. For those unfamiliar, Local Guides are just that — individuals who provide information from a local resident’s perspective.

They share their favorite restaurants, museums, nightclubs, attractions and destinations, and more. Then, in August, Google expanded the follow option to all users, including a user profile pic, a follow button, and some stats, like their number of contributions, followers, and following. 

New Google Maps Community Recommendations Now Rolling Out Worldwide

Now, the search giant is taking the next step by adding a feed that show users the latest reviews, photos and posts added to Google Maps by local experts and people users follow. The new Google Maps Facebook-style news feed not only provides information on local places but also allows users to pan and zoom to find information from users almost anywhere on the planet.

This is likewise a win for local businesses. They can get more of their posts seen by Maps users. So, local retailers and others can share their latest specials, discounts, promotions, and other information. Moreover, it’s rolling out to both Android and iOS simultaneously across the globe, meaning people will see the new Google Maps news feed in the near future.

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