October 20, 2021
new Google Maps driving incident reports

Google Maps Gains these Four New Driving Incident Reporting Options for Android and iOS

Google is bringing more driving incident report types to Google Maps, borrowing more from subsidiary Waze for improved traffic navigation…

Over six years ago, back in June of 2013, Google acquired traffic crowd-sourcing app Waze for $966 million. Since that time, the search giant has been slow to bring over features from the subsidiary to Google Maps. Now, the latter is gaining additional functionality.

New Google Maps Driving Incident Reports come to Android and iOS

The new Google Maps driving incident reporting tools for mobile now include “Construction,” “Lane closure,” “Disabled vehicle,” and “Object on the road.”

It also includes a new FAB button, or a floating action button.

Basically, this is slowly turning Google Maps into a more Waze-like app. It’s noteworthy that Android Auto — run on the latest iteration of Android 10 — does not have these new options. While they might later be added to the UI, its absence is yet another confirmation of Google’s plans to scrap the standalone Android Auto app in order to transition to Assistant Driving mode.

Previously, Google Maps incident reports included crashes, speed traps, and traffic slowdowns.

Google is releasing the new traffic incident reporting options to Android and iOS beginning this week.

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