December 9, 2021
New Google Maps Icon Advertisements Appear

Google Just Decided to Bring One of the Most Annoying Things about the Internet to Maps and Users can’t Do Anything about It

Google usually brings helpful improvements to Maps but this time, it’s something that most users won’t like and there’s no way to remove them…

There are so many good things about Google Maps that one can hardly list many flaws. Sure, subsidiary Waze still has a few tools that Maps lacks (which will likely make their way over in the future). But, by-and-large, Google Maps is probably about the best free-to-use navigation platform out there. Although, now and again, the search giant does add something users don’t want.

New Google Maps Icon Advertisements Appear

In one of the latest versions of Google Maps, one of the most hated things about the internet has made its way into the program — ads. And, unlike previous versions, there isn’t an option to disable them. So, users will have to just get used their presence because they’re probably here to stay. 

Of course, it’s helpful to remember that Google is a search engine and its products are built on advertising revenue. Whether it’s Maps, Gmail, YouTube, or another service, selling ads is Google’s core business. So much, the company earns its majority of money from selling ads. For instance, last year, Google pulled in $134.81 billion in ad revenue, which represents nearly 84 percent of its total $160.74 billion earnings.

The good news is that the new Google Maps ads are small and not intrusive. Even though there’s no way to dismiss them, they don’t take up a lot of space or worse, play media when appearing.

new Google Maps icon business ads
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