June 20, 2021
Google Maps incident reports

Google is Bringing more Traffic Incident Reporting Options to Google Maps

Google is integrating more Waze features into Google Maps, including new road incident reporting tools and changing notifications…

Although Google owns popular traffic crowd-sourcing app Waze, it’s been slow to bring some of its most valuable elements over to Google Maps.

New Google Maps Incident Reporting Options

Just a few days ago, Google did add Street View to Android and weather information to iOS for Google Maps. Now, according to XDA Developers, who combed through version 10.25.24, there are more traffic incident reporting tools coming to Google Maps.

Google Maps already supports collision and speed enforcement. But, it’s also bringing two more road condition reporting options: slowdowns and construction.

This real-time information is precisely what make Waze such a popular app. Google is aware of this and is integrating more and more of those key features.

Additionally, Google is changing how it displays notifications, in order to reduce clutter. Rather than nine categories, it’s regrouping into six.

Google is also set to ditch its standalone Android Auto app, replacing it with Assistant Driving mode. The company will probably integrate most or all of Android Auto’s features, shifting the platform’s capabilities over to Google Assistant. Currently, an early version is available by saying “Hey Google, let’s drive.”

Credit: Android Police

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