January 12, 2022
Google Maps public event creation

Google Quietly Adds a Public Event Creation Feature for Businesses or Specific Locations

A new Google Maps public event creation tool allows people to easily create get-togethers for businesses and specific locations…

Google Maps has introduced a new feature. It’s a tool to create public events for businesses or locations. The new option adds to the list of a number of consumer-focused features, including posting location pictures, reviews, ratings, and other useful metadata.

New Google Maps Public Event Creation Option Rolls Out

Originally spotted by Android Police — then confirmed on a Google Maps support page — users can now add events through the Contribute tab. It’s currently live on Android and will likely come to iOS, as well as desktop in the future.

Up until now, it was only possible to answer questions, contribute images, or post reviews via this particular tab.

Google Maps users can now add an event, then enter a location, along with a time and date. There’s also an option to add a description of the event, as well as a header image. Available tags include things like food, drink, celebrations, and so on.

Right now, it’s a bit buggy and takes about a half-hour for created events to begin to appear on Google Maps.

Overall, it’s a great addition for businesses and others but without proper oversight, could well be misused by bad actors.

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