July 26, 2021
Google My Business new business opening date

Google My Business Adds Two New Important Tools

A Google My Business new business opening date option is now live and ready to use, along with a way of choosing local service areas…

Just this past weekend, Google launched the ability to announce an opening date for new businesses, as well as how it handles local service areas. Both appear on the Google My Business platform.

New Google My Business New Business Opening Date, other Options, Roll Out

The first new tool, opening date announcements, was actually tested in September. It allows a new business to show up on Google Maps prior to its official opening date. Now, the tool is rolling out to all businesses registered with Google My Business.

Another new feature gives businesses two options. Service-area entities can choose to leave the physical address field blank and just enter their service area. Or, businesses which serve customers on-site can input a physical address, as well as pick a local service area.

The reason for these two later changes is the fact some businesses don’t have a physical location at which to serve customers. While some do but also serve their customers off-site. So, it makes sense to give businesses the option to choose which best fits their operating needs.

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