September 10, 2021
Google My Business spam reporting

Google Adds a New Way to Report Spam for Google My Business and Maps

A new Google My Business spam reporting tool works for commercial listings, as well as in Maps, to help cut down on fraudulent activity…

Although Google My Business and its Maps services certainly prove helpful for companies and consumers alike, there’s still an opening for abuse to occur. So, Google just released a new way to report fraudulent activity, while simultaneously shutting down its community spam board.

New Google My Business Spam Reporting Form Introduced

People can now fill-out and submit a new complaint form when they encounter a Maps or GMB listing which leads to fraudulent activity. (For instance, fraudulent activity related to a business name, phone number, or web address.)

After a consumer files a complaint, Google will review it to ensure the listing follows its guidelines. 

Here’s the announcement, quoted directly:

“Hey everyone,

We’d like to let you know about a new way to report fraudulent activity relating to businesses Google Maps.

If you come across a business name, phone number, or URL on Google Maps that leads to fraudulent activity, you can now submit a complaint using this form.

We’ll close the Spam board on this community, so please use the new form to report spam-related issues.

Complaints submitted through this form will be reviewed in accordance with our guidelines for representing businesses on Google Maps.”

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