December 5, 2021
New Google Photos Auto-Generated Memory Collages Begin Surfacing

Google Photos is Making it Easier to Share Multiple Memories at Once

Google Photos is rolling out a new feature that automatically creates memory collages that are easy to share with others all at once…

Google Photos is apparently starting to release a new option. It’s not yet live for everyone, but those with access are seeing automated memory collages at the end of certain types of Memories collections. (Particularly, on “Spotlight on *Name* and *Name 1* and *Name 2* collections.) The collage pops up after scrolling through the memories, auto-generating for one easy-to-share piece of media.

New Google Photos Auto-Generated Memory Collages Begin Surfacing

This new Google Photos auto-generated memory collage does away with the old and troublesome process of sharing nostalgia with family and friends. Previously, it was necessary to share photos and videos one by one. Or, to group them together in a collage, which meant selecting different media and risking hitting or going over the allowable limit of pictures and/or video.

Once Google Photos gets its auto-generated memory collage to everyone, it will be a cinch to share without having to address the content individually. Right now, it’s beginning to show up in a few countries and there’s even an option to order actual prints from within the app, as well.

Google Photos auto generated memory collage example
Credit: Eduardo Ribeiro

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