January 25, 2022
New Google Photos' Memories include 3D Cinematic Images

Google Photos’ Memories are About to Bring Pictures to Life with

Google Photos is getting a new trick that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to breathe new life into old Memories…

Back in October of 2016, Google first announced Photos would gain a feature common to social media — memories collections. Like Facebook, Timehop, Snap, and others, Google Photos would too give users a quick look-back at past events captured on their cameras. Since that time, there’s been a few tweaks to Google Photos’ Memories, but most have been minor. Now, it’s about to get a nifty new feature.

New Google Photos’ Memories include 3D Cinematic Images

Over the next few weeks, Google Photos’ Memories will start to contain Cinematic pictures, which add animation to previously still images. The tool is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. These predict a picture’s depth in order to create a 3D representation of the scene. Just so they don’t get lost in the shuffle, Google will place these newly-enhanced photos right at the top of the gallery.

As with other platforms, Google Photos will also support options to save the digitally enhanced images and/or send them to family and friends. (Any shared files will go over as a video to ensure the animations play as intended.) Additionally, Google is likewise rolling out new collage layouts using AI that finds photos of similar colors. The AI then uses background and font that can best complement the images for each batch to form a cohesive look.

New Google Photos' Memories include 3D Cinematic Images
Credit: Google

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