July 3, 2022
New Google Photos Update will Better Organize Android Image Libraries

This Upcoming Google Photos will Help to Bring Order to Chaotic Media Libraries but Only on Android

Google Photos remains largely disorganized for some users but a new update could greatly help to whip it into easily discernible shape…

Google Photos is a very handy image and video repository. But, it can also be a true unruly hodgepodge of screenshots, photos, and other digital media. (Even fragments and other unwanted things.) Fortunately, Google is rolling out a new update to the app that could wrangle all that stuff into order. At least, for Android devices, that is. Although, it will probably make its way to iOS in the future.

New Google Photos Update will Better Organize Android Image Libraries

The Google Photos Android app version will automatically assist people with organizing their libraries. The main change is in the Library tab, where the Archive, Personal Folder, Tools, and Trash icons have been shunted down the page to make way for a helpful new carousel of tabs. These include All, My Albums, On Device, and Shared Albums.

The folders provide a more clear way to filter images, based on where the media is stored. The “All” tab will obviously house every piece of media and “On Device” will only contain phone-stored photos. Although, “My Albums” are a collection of cloud-based sections. With these changes, users should be able to quickly identify where certain media resides.

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