December 6, 2021
New Google Pixel Google Pay Update Places Quick Access in the Power Button

Google Pixel Owners Receive a New Update that Quickly Launches Google Pay through the Power Button

Google has recently pushed out an update to its Pixel phones, which adds quick access to Google Pay right in the power button…

A new update for the Google Pixel brings a new way of accessing Google Pay, which now launches through the power button. Rather than having to hunt for it in the app drawer or even locate it on the home screen(s), Google Pay is just a press away. 

New Google Pixel Google Pay Update Places Quick Access in the Power Button

After recently sending out an update to Android 10 for its Pixel phones, Google quickly followed with an email announcement with the subject, “Accessing your cards and passes on Pixel.”

In the email, the tech company states that it has brought a new quick access to Google Pay through the power button:

“Hold the power button until you see your cards and passes in a carousel at the top of the screen. From there, just swipe to choose which one to use. If you have a relevant boarding pass or ticket, you’ll see it first.”

Google also explains in the email that it’s easy to set a default card for contactless payments at stores:

“You can set a default card to use when you tap your phone to the terminal. To change your default card, select ‘View all’ from the carousel, pick a card, and choose to make it the default.”

Right now, it appears that the new option is only available for Pixel phones running the latest version of Android 10. It’s unknown if or when Google will make it more widely available.

Google Pixel Google Pay quick access
Credit: Google

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