July 4, 2022
New Google Play Kids' Section 'Teacher Approved' Apps Announced

Google Says it Will Roll Out a New Kids’ Section of ‘Teacher Approved’ Apps in the Google Play Store

Google says it’s launching a new kids’ section inside the Google Play Store dedicated entirely to “Teacher Approved” apps…

As shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders continue to be a part of the coronavirus pandemic response, children are spending more time in front of screens. And, that means more opportunity to unintentionally stumble into troublesome situations.

Parents rightly worry that their kids might be exposed to inappropriate content, particularly because it’s so hard (if not impossible) to know precisely what every app contains. So, Google says it’s launching a new Kids section in the Google Play Store that solely offers a selection of “Teacher Approved” apps.

New Google Play Store Kids’ Section ‘Teacher Approved’ Apps Announced

Google said that it originally planned to roll out the new kids section with “Teacher Approved” apps later this year. But, due to the current set of circumstances, decided to release it earlier, since most children are spending more time on screens, large and small.

The new Google Play Store kids’ section with teacher approved apps will become available over the next few days in the United States. It will tentatively be rolled out internationally in the coming months thereafter.

Mindy Brooks, UX Director, of Google Play, explains:

“Great content for kids can take many forms: Does it spark curiosity? Does it help your child learn? Is it just plain fun? To share the best apps for kids on the Play Store, we’ve teamed up with academic experts and teachers across the country, including our lead advisors, Joe Blatt (Harvard Graduate School of Education) and Dr. Sandra Calvert (Georgetown University). Apps that have been rated by teachers and meet our quality standards receive a “Teacher approved” badge.

Apps are rated on factors like age-appropriateness, quality of experience, enrichment, and delight. We include information in the app listing about why the app was rated highly to help parents determine if the app is right for their child.”

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