August 4, 2022
Google Plus notifications

New Google+ Notifications, Communities Algorithm Sorting

New Google Plus notifications appear to roll out to all users after algorithm sorting replaces chronological timelines in Communities…

Several months ago, Google appeared to start rolling out a new notifications interface for its social media app. However, the change was short-lived, as a server-side switch pulled it away. In the past few hours, it seems the new Google Plus notifications are going live across the platform.

New Google Plus Notifications Turned On, Algorithm Replaces Chronological Sorting in Communities

The new Google Plus notifications provide users with filters to see just unread notifications, all notifications, or other updates. Dismissing notifications received a tweak, allowing users to swipe either way on mobile devices instead of just right to left.

About a week ago, Google+ introduced algorithmic sorting to its users’ news feeds and now, it’s working inside Communities. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have also moved toward algorithms and away from simple chronological timelines. 

“To make sure you never miss out on what’s up, we’re changing the way Community posts are displayed to show you the good stuff first. Starting today, whenever you visit a Community, you’ll see the most high quality, relevant posts up top, rather than the just the most recent ones. Of course, if you’d like to switch back to chronological view, it’s easy to do so from the Community Settings / Preferences menu,” the company announced.

This latest change is under gradual roll out, so all users might not have access to the option right away. In related news, the search giant’s video platform, YouTube, introduced a new feature to challenge Facebook Pages in late September. Google+ launched June 15, 2011, replacing Google Buzz. Currently, the social network has 111 million active users.

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