August 4, 2022
Google Plus Topics

New Google+ Topics Feature Lets Users Discover Friends and Communities

A new Google+ Topics feature places a block conspicuously in users’ main feeds, serving to help uncover communities and find friends on the social network…

Google just introduced a new feature to its struggling social network. Google+ Topics, a stream of Collections and Communities, greets users to the upper right corner, in a white box with blue frames.

New Google+ Topics Feature Helps Users Find Friends and Communities

With literally hundreds of topics available, from travel, to photography, to crafts, camping, and much more, Google+ Topics places a rotating stream front-and-center.

The company announced, “Today, there are already hundreds of Topics available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, covering everything from black-and-white photography to hiking and camping. So whether you’ve recently discovered the wonders of woodworking, love gardening, or can’t get enough street photography, there’s a stream of unique and interesting stuff waiting for you on Google+.”

Google Plus Topics example
Credit: Google

The Google Plus Topics card lists collections and communities the social network thinks interests its users. Google previously tested the feature for at least a few weeks but now, it’s available platform wide. At this time, only the network itself can create topics. 

Back in January, Google+ added a low-quality comment filter and brought back Events

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