November 5, 2022
Google Posts test

Google is Now Testing different Design and Function Elements in Google Posts

A new Google Posts test is currently running, showing different design and function changes on the SERP for various queries…

Google never stops testing it numerous services. In the past week alone, there have been at least three different changes to Google Posts on the SERP or search engine results page. 

New Google Posts Test Spotted Featuring different Designs and Functions

These variations show up when a Google Local Knowledge Panel is triggered for different queries. For instance, Petra Kraft, posted a new image box grid carousel format on Twitter

google-posts-ui-test-image box grid carousel format

Ellen Edmands also tweeted something new — a minimalistic view, complete with “View previous posts on Google:”

google-posts-ui2-View previous posts on Google

Additionally, Mike Blumenthal spotted a similar carousel UI or user interface, which displays more details in the knowledge panel section:

google-posts-ui3-more knowledge panel details

As usual, Google might or might not fully implement these changes. Google runs an awful lot of tests, most of which are only temporary.

Google made a Google My Business API available last year for automatic postings. The company integrated Posts into Google My Business back in June of 2017. It also began surfacing posts from certain professional sports organizations in the Knowledge Panels in April of last year.


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