October 3, 2022
New Google Search What to Watch Feature Displays Linear TV Programming

Google Search just Added a Great Way to Find Live Sports and Television Shows

Google search has made it easier to find live sports and linear programming television shows with a newly released feature…

There is certainly no shortage of entertainment options today. Sports, drama, comedy, thrillers, horror, documentaries, reality TV, and more genres are readily available. Because there are so many choices and a plethora of streaming and cable offerings, it can be difficult to find something to watch that fits the mood. Google understands it’s often overwhelming and is enhancing its TV programming related search to give people a new twist on the old hard copy television programming guide.

New Google Search What to Watch Feature Displays Linear TV Programming

Google has announced that it is updating search to display live television options for sports games. Just type or speak “Tampa Bay Rays game,” and it will provide watch options. This, along with the usual information, such as live scores, top stories, standings, and more:

“Now when you come to Search looking for your favorite team, you’ll see live TV options for MLB and NBA games (and we’ll be integrating more leagues in the future). Search for “where to watch the Clippers game” or “how to watch the A’s game,” on your phone and you’ll easily find information on how to tune in across a variety of services where the game may be available.”

But, that’s not all. Last year, the search engine introduced a new way to find television shows and movie recommendations. Now, it’s built out on that tool to show watch options from both cable networks and broadcast stations:

“Starting this week, we’re enhancing this feature by adding carousels of live content from cable and broadcast providers. These recommendations will show content on live TV so you can keep track of everything that’s available to you.”

Google search televised sports watch options
Credit: Google


Google search linear TV programming
Credit: Google

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