June 18, 2021
Google SERP AMP testing tool

Google Now Displays AMP Testing Tool Right on the SERP

A new Google SERP AMP testing tool now resides right on the listings page, giving people another option to analyze page performance…

The Google AMP project, or accelerated mobile pages, launched in October 2015. It’s an open-source initiative intended to improve web content performance, particularly in delivering faster page loading times. Just about four months later, in February of 2016, AMP content began to appear on the SERP or search engine results page.

New Google SERP AMP Testing Tool Debuts

Since that time, Google has done little more publicly, other than it’s introduction of a dedicated AMP testing page. Now, website owners can access the same feature simply by searching “amp testing tool” or “google amp testing tool.” Entering either query returns the handy tool, which simply instructs users to “Test and preview your AMP page.”

Google SERP AMP testing tool screenshot
Once an AMP URL test goes through, it renders analytic results. If okay, the tool displays, “Valid AMP page.” And, “Page is eligible for AMP search features in Google search results.” Additionally, users can submit an AMP link to the Google index. Here’s a screenshot of the option in action: 

Google SERP AMP testing tool submit to Google option

Also, users can view AMP raw source code. Moreover, the analytic results include “Suggested actions.” That section includes, “This page is eligible for extended AMP features in Google Search results. See if there are any additional values that you can supply for an even richer search result experience.”

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