October 20, 2021
Google SERP material design

Google is Now Testing a New Layout for Its Search Page

A new Google SERP Material Design experience is appearing for some users, indicating a possible refresh to launch soon to all…

The Google SERP or search engine results page might soon look a bit different. Some Reddit users spotted the update and captured screenshots of the slight makeover.

New Google SERP Material Design Test Spotted

Here’s a screenshot of the current (or perhaps soon-to-be old) interface:

Google SERP material design old interface

Now, here’s a screenshot of the new Google SERP in testing:

Google SERP material design new interface

As pictured, it’s easy to see the differences, although subtle. The experimental search page sports more highlighted boxes. Whereas, the current SERP just displays listings.

It appears more in-line with Google’s Material Design concept, which it unveiled in 2014. Since that time, the search engine has applied the concept to a few of its products, including Chrome and YouTube. The internet juggernaut did the same for Calendar back in August of last year.

Google is well-known for its incremental updates when it comes to its many end-user services, such as Gmail, Inbox by Gmail, Drive, and more. Last year, the company updated its Material Design guidelines in an effort to assist developers with their projects. Google also released a handy color tool to stitch together eye-catching patterns.

At this time, it’s unclear how many users are seeing the new Google SERP Material Design for its search page. But, it’s common for the company to experiment with a small pool of users before committing to a widespread roll out.

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