November 5, 2022
Google Smart Screenshots

Google Might Soon Allow People to Search with Screenshots

Google Smart Screenshots would give users the power to search the web for screen-grabs, further integrating Google Lens into the Google app…

It’s already possible to do quite a lot through the Google app. Not only does it aggregate topics users are interested in and follow, it also harnesses the full power of Google search, plus a bit more.

For instance, there’s an option to edit and share screenshots. (It’s available by going into the Google mobile app > more > settings > general > edit and share screenshots.)

But now, it appears Google might be bringing another function, called “Smart Screenshots.”

New Google ‘Smart Screenshots’ Search Feature Spotted

Basically, it’s a tool to search screenshots. It borrows from Google Lens’ ability to search the web from on-the-go snaps. Just take a picture of a sign or an object and Google will attempt to find it and identify the subject. So, it’s great for signs in foreign languages. Or, to identify a species in the wild.

This would pair the two together. And, it would presumably retain its previous functions of editing and sharing screenshots. (This, all within the Google App.)

Currently, the option is buried in the code of version 10.61 of the Google app. As always, there’s no official word on when it will debut or how it will work.

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