October 1, 2022
New Google Stadia Gaming Streaming Tier Reduces Web App Data by 40 Percent

Google Introduces a New Stadia Gaming Streaming Tier that Uses 40% Less Web App Data

Google Stadia has a new gaming streaming setting for mobile play, which cuts web app data consumption by as much as forty percent…

Google Stadia has a mission to make game streaming a true competitor to consoles and PCs. More particularly, to also give it the ability to play on-the-go. But, the bandwidth requirements of gaming and carrier data caps just aren’t very compatible. So, Google has added a new “mobile data optimized” streaming quality setting to Stadia which reduces data usage by almost half.

New Google Stadia Gaming Streaming Tier Reduces Web App Data by 40%

The Stadia web app is rolling out the new setting, which is a 720p tier. (It’s already been available on the mobile application, but is now present on the web app.) Effectively, it reduces the regular 720p option at 4.5GB per hour to 2.7GB per hour, or about 40 percent less data consumption. This would be most ideal in emerging markets, for low-speed connections, as well as people who want to stream on a laptop via a smartphone hotspot.

Of course, toggling on the setting will help save data but it comes at a reduction in quality. Gamers will find the new option is available on the web application for Stadia under settings, labeled “Up to 720p (mobile data optimized), along with Up to 720, Up to 1080p, and Up to 4K.

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