May 19, 2022
New Google TV Content Preferences Improve Movie and Show Recommendations

Google TV Seeks to Circumvent ‘Showverload’ by Learning Everything Viewers Like and Dislike with this New Tool

Google is rolling out a new option to Google TV that will give viewers the power to really influence movie and TV show recommendations…

Everyone with streaming subscription services knows there’s a real problem with having so much on-demand, uninterrupted content — the inability to pick just one thing out of the thousands of titles available. There’s even a name for it “Showverload.” Attempting to find something that fits the mood can easily result in huge amounts of wasted time. But, Google thinks it might have an answer to this common conundrum.

New Google TV Content Preferences Improve Movie and Show Recommendations

Google TV is introducing a new tool called “Content Preferences.” It’s intended to help people refine their recommendations by rating numerous film and television show titles. Once available, simply fire up Google TV and go into Settings. When enabled, Content Preferences will deliver a multitude of movie and show titles, including a “Less like this” thumbs down and a “More like this” thumbs up to rate each one. Kalyan Ganapathisubramanian, Product Manager of Google TV writes:

“Starting this week, you can help train Google TV on the big screen to give you better recommendations by sharing your preferences. In Settings, click ‘Content Preferences’ and quickly rate a series of movies and shows to instantly refresh your recommendations. This feature will be rolling out over the next few weeks.”

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