September 30, 2022
New Google Verified Calls Protocol Widely Rolls Out

Google’s New Phone Number Verification Tool will Tell People Why Businesses are Calling

Google’s new Verified Calls technology, previously in limited testing, is now becoming available to everyone…

Google has just introduced its freshly-tested Verified Calls tool for Android phones. It does what it sounds like — verifies incoming calls are from legitimate sources. The tech comes at a time when robocalls are at an all time high. Just last year alone, consumers received 61.4 billion spam calls, according to Robokiller. (That’s a 28 percent increase from 2018.) Now, with Google’s Verified Calls, consumers have a new way to know who is calling and why.

New Google ‘Verified Calls’ Protocol Widely Rolls Out

Google’s Verified Calls only works for registered businesses, by going through Neustar, JustCall, Telecall, Zenvia, Prestus, Aspect, Five9, Vonage, Bandwidth, IMImobile, Kaleyra, Quiubas Mobile, or Datora. Once enabled, incoming calls contain the caller’s name, the business logo, the reason for the call, and a verification symbol. (See the example below for a before and after comparison.)

The feature is enabled by default on the Google Phone app for Android devices. Google says that during its experimental run, the company found that its verification technology did increase the number of people answering but didn’t share any specific results. Verified Calls is first rolling out in the United States, along with Mexico, Brazil, Spain and India, with more countries to follow.

Google Verified Calls example
Credit: Google

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