May 24, 2022
Grammarly Tone Detector

Grammarly Now Sports a Tool that Scores the Writer’s Tone

The new Grammarly Tone Detector will show users how their writing sounds to others, providing descriptions of their attitudes…

For some months now, Grammarly has expanded beyond its core grammar and spellcheck services. Now, the company is introducing a new tool called “Tone Detector.”

New Grammarly Tone Detector Tool Debuts

Basically, it provides a description of how an email or document will sound to readers. These include “Formal,” “Angry,” “Accusatory,” “Forceful,” Encouraging,” Unassuming,” and more. (The are a total of forty different tones.)

Grammarly says it uses a combination of some basic writing rules and a machine-learning algorithm.

The new Grammarly Tone Detector starts scoring once more than 120 characters have been typed.

This is a great feature, particularly for those who worry about how their email and documents sound to others. It also helps people to learn over time how to best craft their communications and other documents.

The beta version of Grammarly Tone Detector is already live in the Chrome browser extension.It will soon come to Safari and Firefox. Also, it’s available for Gmail and Yahoo email, with support for all text inputs coming in the near future.

Credit: Grammarly
Grammarly Tone Detector in-action

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