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HBO Max will Knock $5 Off its Monthly Subscription Price for Viewers Willing to Put Up with Ads

New HBO Max Ad-Supported Tier to Debut in June at $10 per Month

Credit: AT&T

HBO Max will soon offer a less expensive subscription of $10 per month, starting in June, but the new tier will include ads…

HBO Max is expected to roll out a discounted plan in June, according to a recent news report by CNBC. However, not too much is known about the ad-supported version, though commercials won’t run on HBO shows. So, it’s uncertain where parent company AT&T will stream the adverts. Although, the price will be $10 per month, which is just a buck more expensive than Netflix’s basic plan and $4 more than Hulu’s cheapest service.

New HBO Max Ad-Supported Tier to Debut in June at $10 per Month

WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar did explain during an investor day event that the biggest difference is the ad-supported version won’t include same-day theatrical premiers. That perk will stay available to the more expensive $15 per month HBO Max plan. (This applies to Warner Bros movies and not necessarily to all studio cinema debuts.) So, those on the less expensive plan won’t have immediate access to theatrical premiers.

Adding up the most popular streaming services might make this a sensible change. After all, subscribing to Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and one or two others like Discovery Plus, can easily cost consumers as much as $65 per month. And, that’s not including local channels, offered by YouTube TV, which now runs $64.99 per month by itself.

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