January 13, 2022
New Holiday Email Phishing Scheme Targets Online Shoppers to Steal Personal Data

Cyber-Criminals Abusing Christmas Package Delivery Anxiety to Steal Personal Information

Phishing is always a problem, but now, there are cyber-criminals exploiting holiday package deliveries to steal online shoppers’ information…

Cyber-criminals are busy this holiday season capitalizing on Christmas delivery anxiety using sophisticated email phishing campaigns to steal email addresses, account passwords, along with other valuable information, security experts have warned. At least one unidentified threat actor is attempting to scam online consumers by impersonating delivery services, such as DHL, according to email security firm Avanan.

New Holiday Email Phishing Scheme Targets Online Shoppers to Steal Personal Data

The schemes are simple and familiar. Victims receive email messages disguised to look like they are from legitimate shipping services. The messages alert potential victims a package couldn’t be delivered and rescheduling is necessary. Of course, there’s a login link in the email that sends the recipient to a bogus but real-looking page. Once the person enters his or her login credentials, the cyber-thief captures the information.

Since so many people use the identical username and password combinations, digital criminals can use software to attempt to break into a number of online accounts, including popular shopping sites and banking institutions. Obviously, just entering into the victim’s delivery service account reveals his or her physical mailing address and that’s enough data to do a lot of damage.

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